KbnMart Face KN95 dust mask breathable air 95% filter hanging ear mask respirator wholesale custom safe reusable unisex fast shipping

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feature: Resistant to organic vapors, particles, dust, etc. Efficient electrostatic pre-filtered cotton, low permeability, smooth breathing, better filtering effect, effective and convenient, and provide you with a better living environment. High-quality filter media and advanced electrostatic microfibers help to make exhalation and inhalation easier, thereby improving everyone's comfort Suitable for dust masks, respirators, fine air filters, wholesale deodorizing smoke, custom cotton dust masks, safety masks, house renovation, mining, laboratory experiments and many other occasions. product name: PM2.5 smoke-proof KN95 particle industrial dust-proof comfortable mask product description: Material: non-woven fabric / static filter cotton Certification: China KN95 feature: It protects you from mist, smoke, dust, air pollution, and moisture. Please be kindly noted,the listed product is produced and distributed abroad and subject to the laws of its country of origin.